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About Corporation

Erode Town is the head quarters of Erode District, which was bifurcated from the composite Coimbatore District since the year 1979. This town was constituted as a Municipality in the year 1871 and was elevated to Special Grade during the year 1980 and upgraded as Corporation with effect from 01.01.2008.

The Corporation consists of Erode, Surampatti, Peelamedu, Sarkar Chinna Agraharam revenue villages. Total area of the Corporation is 109.52 Sq.Km. Erode Corporation is surrounded by Kasipalayam,Surampatti,Veerappan Chathiram, Periya Semur - Third Grade Municipalities, B.P.Agraharam and Suriyampalayam Town Panchayats, Thindal, Gangapuram, Ellapalayam, Villarasampatti, Muthampalayam Village Panchayats.

The Town has been divided into 60 Electroral wards and 15 Sanitary Divisions. As per the 1991 census population of the Corporation was 1,59,232 , as per 2001 population is 1,51,274 and as per 2011 Provisional Population is 4,98,121.

Location and Address

Erode city is located at a distance of 100kilometers east of coimbatore and is situated on the banks of river cauvery.

New No.246, Old No.894,

E-Mail :
Phone : 0424 - 2251616, 2251617, 2251618, 2251619

About City

Location of Town

Erode Corporation is located at a distance of 100 kilometers east of coimbatore and is situated on the banks of river cauvery between 11o19.5 ' and 11o81.5 ' North Latitude and 77o42.5 ' and 77o44.5 ' East latitude. Erode Corporation Area extends over an area of 109.52 square kilometers with a provisional population of 4.98 lakhs as per 2011 Census,

Transportation Linkages

The Width of some of the existing roads within the town and rural areas are not sufficient to meet the future traffic. Narrow roads shall be sufficiently widened wherever it is possible. The Cauvery bridge is a constraint for the traffic to pass through the build up areas leads to heavy traffic congestion within the town. To avoid the traffic congestion within the town, two 80 feet ring roads one near the western boundary of the town and another at two kilometers away from the western boundaries are suggested along the alignment of existing roads and it involves mainly widening of existing roads and formation of new roads for short length wherever they have no links. The above ring roads connects Salem road, Bhavani Road, Sathy road, Thillainagar road, Perundurai road, Chennimalai road, Kangeyam road, Muthur road, and Karur road. Within the city it is proposed to connect to existing 80 feet road in Periyar nagar with the Brough road.


The average maximum and minimum temperature are 96o F and and 80o F. The temperature gradually increases from 85o F in January to 96o F. the maximum in May and reduces gradually to 80o F in December.


The total rainfall is over 100mm. in a year. When monsoon breaks maximum rainfall reaches 30mm. Erode City gets the major portion of the rain during South - West monsoon. In October the Worth - East monsoon sets in.

Nature of soil

Black loam is found is parts of Erode Town. In this area soil is found to be rather sandy, stony and of the gravelly type. Lime stone is found in abundance in the form of modules, streaks and massive beds of grey and white colours interbranded with igenissis rocks.

Citizen Charter




The first edition of the Citizens Charter was released in the State in the year 1998-1999. It has improved the transparency and effectiveness of the local body administration. Based on the experience gained over the past few years and the feedback, which it gives effective result then the first edition of the Citizens Charter it provides improved information to citizens to make every citizens interaction with the civic body easy, simple, hassle free and efficient and also ensuring accountability and transparency.


Aims of the Charter

This charter documents the citizen's entitlement to municipal services. Quality of services, quick access to information, stages of redress of grievances and time bound. This charter also documents, apart from what we can offer the citizens, what the citizens can do to help us serve them better and what can be achieved if both of us join together.


For Efficient Administration

The Citizen's charter is a commitment to achieve star system with simple, transparent, accountable and response. In the administration of the civic body in fulfilling the needs. Some of them as follows. Providing important information to citizens and cautions a system which receives the public grievances and by soliciting the co-operation of the citizens in fulfilling their aspirations and by introducing the e-governance and automated access to all our functions and services by being fair efficient citizens friendly and outcome.


Stipulating limits for prompt discharge of duties

For each of services and activities this centre provides information about the details of services offered response for rendering the services. Each section heads and persons concerned are issued with specific time limit for the disposal of petitions like name transfer etc., Now we are introducing online complaint system for certain services and a normal complaint redressal system for all other services to emphasise quick and efficient redressal for grievances in a time bound manner.


House Service Connection

In Erode Municipal area 18,115 House service connections are provided. 16,531 Nos. Domestic and 1584 Nos. Non-Domestic.


Special Requests

Unserved areas water supply through lorries. Any function and other purpose amount collected and supplied by lorry.



Any complaints from water supply connection immediately attend by municipal staff.


Rectification of Defects

Any public complaints for water supply distribution system complaints immediately rectified by municipal staffs.


Septic Tank Clearance

One sullage tanker with capacity 6000 litres is maintained by this municipality for clearing the septic tank of individual households and commercial places within the town limit. A few of Rs.1000/- is collected for each load. For outside of Municipal limit Rs.1250/- being collected for each load. Septic tank is cleared through sullage tank and disposed in the compost yard site.


Maintenance of Roads and Pavements

The Corporation is maintained 102.07km road. As per vision plan the existing damaged road will be improved as per total cost of 600 lakhs.


Street Lights

In ErodeTown 4502 streetlights are maintained by municipality. Automatic time control switches are used for on and off the streetlights. Centre media 250 watts sodium vapour lamp streetlights are provided and maintained properly in brough road, chennimalai road, and park road and mettur road.. In Bus stand and Panner selvam park High Mast light is provided.


Licenses under Public Health Act

As per Tamilnadu District Municipality Act 1920, for offering Dangerous and Offensive Trade License, within the town concern person should make an application 30 days before starting the trade on payment of prescribed fee. After getting license only they should run the trade if anybody conduct trade without valid licence they should be prosecuted under section 249 & 313 of Tamilnadu District Municipality Act 1920.


Renewal of Licenses

Dangerous and Offensive Trade license should be renewed 30 days in advance whereas February month is taking into account. Application form for licence renewal available at information centre. Licence holder who intent to renew the license, furnish the D&O Application renewal form and remit the prescribed fee at the information centre. Sanitary inspector concerned inspects the premises and scrutinises the application then forward to the commissioner. Commissioner is the authority competent to issue license. After fulfil the basic standards licence is granted under condition.


Public Health and Solid Waste Management

Garbage from streets are swept and kept in the dustbins by our municipal Sanitary workers. These garbages are transported to the nearest collection points by bullock carts from unapproached area. Pushcarts are used to collect the garbages from door to door in all 45 wards and transported to the nearest collection points. From the collection points municipal vehicles are used to collect the garbages from collection point and transported to the compost yard. At present nearly 100 to 110 tons of garbages is collected and transported to the existing compost yard, which is situated at vendipalayam. Being Erode is Headquarters and in the daily market daily floating population around 1 lakh comes for purchase and selling the vegetables from the surrounding area. Nearly 25 tones of garbage generated and removed from the daily market area.


Birth and Death Certificates

Erode Corporation is consists of 15No. Of Birth and Death Registration units. Every registration unit is situated at various peripherals of the town. Whereas accessibility is easy. 15 No. Of Sanitary inspectors are interested to carry out Birth and Death Registration in concern unit. Time is perform the Birth and Death work namely reporting, registration, clarification etc., Every birth and death should be registered on or before 21 days from its occurrence. Separate reporting forms issued to report the event at free of cost. In case any event report after 21 days but within one month it will be registered after remittance of late fee is.Rs.2/-. In case of above one month late fee is Rs.5/-. Court order is required lapse of one year.


Issue of Certificates in respect of cases already registered.

A Unique information centre is functioning in official building birth and death certificates issued through the centre. After furnishing the respective application and remitting Rs.5/-the prescribed fee at the information centre certificate will be issued. Child name is registered within a year at free of cost. After lapse of one year Rs.5/- is collected. All certificate registration and corrections details are allowed to through information centre.


Grant of Building License

Corporation approves the licence for construction of various buildings within 30 days.


Permission of Advertisement Boards and Hoarding.

The Corporation is not levying advertisement tax at present. The Government has given direction to levy such tax to the concerned District Collector.


Property Tax

The Property tax levied on all buildings and land within the municipal limits. The basic value has been fixed. On a zonal basis depending on the property value of different locations. Buildings are classified as thatched & tiled and RCC Assessment of Tax on ensuring filling up of self-assessment returns by owners. The Property tax is being collected through online.


Transfer of Titles

When a public applies for transfer of title of property to the Executive authority in the prescribed form available in the information centre. With the required documents. The application will be processed after due verification of records and site inspection and orders effecting transfer and issued to the parties within a period of 15 days.





Help us to serve better

The Corporation enforces and regulate the following activities. * Tax Administration * Planning and Building Permission * Trade and other licence * Registration of Births and Deaths For each of the above services and activities offered response time for rendering the services or redressing grievances, whom to complaint in case of default for providing the required services and see a citizen can help. This counter lists the names of chairperson, vice-chairperson and councillors and their contact telephone numbers for better interaction of the citizen. The charter also lists out the names, designations, and contact telephone numbers of key officials dealing with major issues. In the charter it has been mention as follows. The co-operation by the citizens is solicited broadly in the following aspects to help us to serve better. * Segregate Wastes at source * Do not throw waste in Drains, streets * Deposit wastes only at specified places and dustbins * Do not allow children to defecate in open places * Avoid connection sewerage lines to open drains * Avoid encroachments on public places * Avoid occupation of roads and footpaths with unauthorised stacking materials. * Avoid letting of waste of water on to roads * Conserve rain waters and provides rainwater- harvesting structures in every building. * Avoid leaving animals on roads and public places * Avoid misuse of public places including parks, open spaces, public toilets, markets, bus stands. * Plant, trees, within and in front of premises, water them and nature them to grow. * Report leakage of water, bursting of water/sewage piper, burning of streetlights during daytime. Damage of public properties posing health hazard. * Avoid damage of public properties. * Ensure prompt payment of property tax, profession tax, and water charges, licence fees and other municipal dues. * Adhere to building rules and avoid violations, unauthorised constructions. * Adopt universal immunisation * Complain to the right officer in time and licence with the ward councillor.




Water Supply

For the entire corporation, river Cauvery is the main water source. At present, daily a quantum of 54.09 MLD of water drawn from river Cauvery and supplied to the corporation at an average rate of 108 LPCD. The entire corporation area has been covered with protected water supply from the above 8 Nos. of water supply scheme, i.e., 6 independent water supply scheme and 2 Combined water supply scheme maintained by TWAD.

In all the water supply schemes raw water is being treated through aeration, clarifloculator and filters. The liquid gas chlorination method is being used in all schemes. The secondary chlorination is carried out by using stable bleaching powder at all over head tanks. All the tanks are cleaned regularly and chlorination at the tail end is monitored by JEs / AEEs / SIs and Tap Inspectors.

Besides, other than drinking purpose 1.18 MLD water from 923 Nos. of bore well hand pumps and 3.67 MLD water from 864 Nos. of mini power pumps are being used for the public.
The ground water table in some part of areas have decreased due to shortage of monsoon rainfall. To tackle the above situation various steps have been taken by this corporation. 41 Nos. of borewell with mini power pump works at an estimate cost of Rs.106.80 lakhs under General fund, 14 borewell with mini power pump works at estimate cost of Rs.45.50 lakhs under self sufficiency scheme and 50 borewell with mini power pump works at an estimate cost of Rs.170.00 lakhs under drought relief fund have been taken up.


Apart from that, 5 Nos. of own vehicles and 8 Nos. of hired vehicles are being utilized for supply of drinking water to water scarcity areas.

Establishment GOS of Erode City Municipal Corporation

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    Audit details


















    Grievances Relating to Officers

    Sl. No


    Name and Address






    Thiru. DR.M. ELANGOVAN, B.V.Sc.,
    894 brough road ,
    Erode 638 001.




    City Engineer


    3. Executive Engineer (Works) Thiru.T. VIJYAKUMAR



    Executive Engineer (Planning)



    City Health Officer



    Revenue officer



    Administrative Officer



    Accounts Officer


    Zonal Office Heads

    Sl. No



    1 Assistant Commissioner (I/c) Thiru.T. VIJYAKUMAR
    2 Assistant Commissioner (I/c) Thirumathi.M. SHANMUGA VADIVU
    3 Assistant Commissioner (I/c) Thirumathi.Vijaya
    4 Assistant Commissioner (I/c) Thiru. V.T. ASHOK KUMAR

    Solid Waste Management


    The Combined Erode City Municipal Corporation (Since 25.10.2011) consists of 60 Wards, has an area of 109.52 Sq.Km and a population of about 4.98 lakhs. The garbage generation is nearly 300 M.T/ day. The sanctioned strength of workers for solid waste management is 843 of which 738 are working at present. In order to make up for the shortfall 389 No. of self help group members have been utilized for sanitation work.

    Primary Collection

    It is carried out by the sanitary workers through 296 Nos. of push carts and 71 Nos. of tricycles. 53 wards (88%) are covered by door to door collection system out of which 22 wards are in erstwhile Erode Corporation and rest of 31 wards are from added areas. Steps are initiated to reach 100% door to door collection.


    Secondary Collection

    The solid waste from primary collection at source are collected in dumper bins which are provided in easily accessible locations. 371 dumper bins and 38 HDPE bins are placed in various locations. To transport the loaded bins from the collection points to the disposal site following vehicles are utilized.
    Dumper Placers
    Power tiller


    So far 280 MT of solid wastes were transported to the disposal site every day out of 300 MT generated. Under IUDM, 4 Dumper Placers have been purchased and put to use from 28.07.2012. It has facilitated the transport of the balance 20 MTs of garbage. However even with the available vehicles the lifting of garbage is above 300 MTs on Mondays & Tuesdays. The data on secondary transportation is watched every day by the City Health Officer.



    The total disposal area available in the corporation is 28.87 acres and is spread out in the following places.
      19.46 Acres
    Veerappan Chatram
      7.91 Acres
      1.50 Acres


    The transported garbage is safely dumped in the 3 disposal sites. Water pipes have been laid all around the dumped garbage and fire outbreaks have largely been controlled. So far only 2 number of minor fire accidents have occurred as against 10 in the past.


    Waste Processing

    To process the solid waste, Erode City Municipal Corporation has entered into a BOT agreement with a private enterprise IWMUST since June 2009. According to the contract, 4 acres of land in the exiting compost yard at Vendipalayam was provided by the corporation. The Private agency has installed 4 Nos. of Trommel, 2 Nos. of Vibro screen and the garbage is processed and manure is prepared. The agency remits a rent of Rs.24,000/Year - and Rs.50/- as royalty for 1 MT of manure produced. 120 MT of raw garbage is processed per day. From May 2009 to May 2013, 8771 MT of organic manure has been produced and Rs.5.86 lakh has been remitted to Erode City Municipal Corporation.


    The residual unprocessed products, discarded items (other byproducts) are sent to the cement plants (Dalmia & Ultratech) periodically by the agency. Till June 2013 7804 MT of wastes has been sent to the two cement factories for co-processing

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